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Stamford Security Services Limited is a nationwide security company across United Kingdom and Bracknell. If you need first-rate security services in Bracknell and all over United Kingdom, we are your first choice. We specialise in providing robust security service for commercial and private sectors in Bracknell and surrounding areas. we have developed a reputation as one of the UK’s best cross-industry security services providers. Stamford Security Services in Bracknell provides security in various areas where need, for both individual and corporate clients. Our services include Retail Security, Manned Guarding (Body Guarding), Access Control System, Event Security, Hotel Security, Construction Security, and more. We offer services tailored to the needs of customers according to their demands. Are you looking for a security company in Bracknell? Why should You choose security company Stamford Security Services Limited in Bracknell and United Kingdom? Stamford Security Services Limited is one of the leading security companies in Bracknell. We pay a lot of attention to their professional approach and appearance to provide customers with a first-class service. Our broad experience and extensive expertise make Stamford Security Services Limited a top level security company. We are dedicated to providing the best services and always meet our clients’ expectations. That’s why we are prepared to support your business with a heighly professional security services in Bracknell and United Kingdom. Our top most priority is your security.

Retail Security

safe and secure environment

Every shop wants to provide a safe and secure environment for their customers to have a pleasant shopping experience. However, retail organizations frequently face very challenging security threats that can often lead to customer dissatisfaction and high stock loss, which can play a major part in the success of any business. Stamford Security Services provide retail security guards and plain-clothes store detectives to:

  • Boutiques
  • Clothing & Accessory
  • Stores
  • Showrooms
  • Galleries
  • Shopping Centres
  • Entertainment Complexes


Body Guarding

protection and safety

We guarantee protection to individuals who require our body guarding service. Having close protection can be of high importance to many individuals, especially when there is the threat of violence when travelling, attending social events or even when at home or on private property.

Our professional staff provide protection for VIPs, clients with a high net worth, celebrities, families, and also any other individuals who may require this type of service. Our team will endeavour to ensure your safety, and make sure you are supported and secure at all times.

We make sure that we select specialist members of staff that suit the clients’ individual needs, and will create an environment in which the individual feels safe and comfortable. Our aim is to make our clients feel secure and minimise any risks in order for them to carry out their day-to-day routine, free from any threats or concern for their own wellbeing.


Access Control System - Security Service Bracknell

control the flow of staff and visitors

We recognise that it is crucial to control the entry of staff and visitors, not only for companies with high security concerns, but also for organisations of varying sizes.

At Stamford Security our officers will control the flow of staff and visitors both inside and outside. It could be university campuses, factory sites, warehousing units, industrial parks, hospitals, or anywhere else where people are moving and need to be verified.

Members of this elite team are handpicked for their friendly manner, immaculate appearance and professional approach. As a result, clients know that both their public reception areas and private office spaces are being managed proactively and professionally.

These are SIA (Security Industry Authority) licensed members of our team, who are experienced in performing full reception duties, visitor screening, regulating visitor parking, and managing incoming and outgoing mail day and night.


Event Security

smooth and secure events

We have a dedicated team of security officers who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in event security management.

We understand that a major factor in the success of any event is the way security is managed. Our highly trained and experienced staff are committed to ensuring everything runs smoothly, making your event safe and successful.

We are SIA approved contractors and we can provide SIA trained and registered staff for any venue where door supervision is required.


Hotel Security

committed, responsible, reliable staff

With a highly trained, fully licensed team of security professionals, Stamford Security can provide you manned guarding and comprehensive hotel security solutions to guarantee the safety and security of your clients and customers.

Hotel premises, surroundings and car parks are often easy targets for criminals, and guests’ personal belongings and cars could be at risk.

Stamford Security officers are fully trained to deal with and prevent such issues. We ensure that any security officer sent to you is committed, responsible, reliable and highly competent in regards to hotel security.

Our hotel security team will make sure that your premises are well protected against any unauthorised access or occupation. While protecting your property against damage by forced entry and theft.

We also offer an out-of-hours escort service for your staff if you do not wish for us to hold the keys to the premises. We will meet a member of your staff at the location and check the premises with them so they are not in any danger, remaining with them until the alarm is reset and the premises are secure. In the event of a break in, we will remain on the premises until the police arrive.


Construction Security - Security Services Bracknell

fully integrated guarding and surveillance service

We offer comprehensive construction and development security solutions for construction sites. Our construction security solutions include manned guards based at your premises, installation of CCTV cameras and fully monitored alarm systems.

Our SIA licensed security guards deliver a fully integrated guarding and surveillance service for your development / construction site, including: redevelopment sites and building demolition sites.

We guarantee that we’ll provide personnel capable of dealing with any situation relating to the services listed above. We are fully committed to providing you with the very best people and unrivalled contract management.

Since our formation, we have gained a reputation as a highly experienced security company with a young, energetic and forward-thinking management team. Our team able to provide the highest level of professionalism, which other security companies often struggle to attain.

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